Training Equipment

Development Squad

  • Mesh kit bag
  • Water bottle
  • Kickboard
  • Pull buoy – must be junior size
  • Short fins
  • Goggles (ideally + spares)
  • Swim hat (club hats are available from Suzanne Cadge)

Foundation Squad

  • All of the above
  • Hand Paddles – Finis Agility. Please do not buy hand paddles with rubber straps
  • Snorkel

B Squad

  • All of the above
  • Hand paddles – Finis agility – generally the one spot size (small) until at least 14 years old. Please do not buy hand paddles with rubber straps – see picture below
  • Knee length socks – football socks are ideal
  • Tennis ball
  • Belt – nylon belt with quick release fastener (Ebay or Amazon) – to be used to tie sponges to for resistance training. A bucket belt or swim parachute would be an optional alternative but more expensive.

A Squad

  • As for B squad with the addition of a Finis Tempo timer pro (worn inside a hat so you must have a hat in your kit bag.

There are a number of online swimming suppliers. We have teamed up with local supplier Ness Swimwear who have set up a dedicated club page

Club members can use the discount code TYNEASC to get a 5% discount on all items on the site (e.g. swimwear and goggles) as well as the equipment listed on the club pages. The club also receives a small commission on any purchases made using the discount code. If you have any questions about equipment please speak to your coach before making a purchase.
Please name all equipment – a black sharpie generally does the job although it does wear off over time and needs refreshing.

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