Gala Entry

Gala Entry Procedures

Every gala has a separate entry form you will be linked to when information about that gala is sent out.

Entries MUST be submitted on an official electronic entry file through the authorised Club representative, i.e. the Competition Secretary NOT direct from parents. Could we please stress parents do not contact the meet managers for events, all communication regarding entries for a gala must be done via our Club Competition Secretary.
All entries MUST be received before the closing date given on OUR website, NO LATE ENTRIES will be accepted by the club after this date.

Please Note:

  1. No entries will be accepted without the appropriate fees
  2. Entries must be submitted on an official entry form (see link above).
  3. Entry form MUST be completed in full, include swimmer’s DOB, ASA registration no.
  4. Each entry MUST be reviewed by the swimmers coach and the entry form endorsed by the coach as acceptance of the events entered.
  5. Official ASA times must be used on forms. If a swimmer does not have a time for an event then NT (no time) is to be entered next to the event. Current swimmer times are available at
  6. Depending on whether a gala is Short Course (SC, 25m) or Long Course (LC, 50m) you may need to convert swim times.  Please use the link below to convert your times, using the ASA TABLES tab, when asked to select conversion method.

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